Frequently Asked Questions

Do your pound cakes freeze well?

Two Belles pound cakes freeze beautifully for months. You can also thaw and refreeze unused portions of the cake. We do not recommend refrigerating our cakes.

Do you use any peanut products in your baking?

No. None of our pound cakes are made using any peanut products. Some of our pound cakes use extracts such as butternut, almond and coconut. If you have any other allergy concerns, please contact us.

How can I pay for my pound cake online? Do you take credit cards?

All online payments here at Two Belles Southern Poundcakes are handled conveniently and securely by PayPal. You can use any payment method supported by PayPal, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and (of course) PayPal payments. You can pay with confidence, knowing that PayPal keeps your financial information safe and secure. We never see your credit card number or other bank account information. Note that even though PayPal handles the transaction, you do not need to have a PayPal account.

I am also happy to take your order and credit card number over the phone. Simply call my toll free number: 888-623-3533 to place your order.

Where do you ship your pound cakes?

We want to be sure that your cake arrives fresh, moist and delicious, so we ship our pound cakes only within the United States. We would prefer your cake not sit in a warehouse over the weekend, so shipping early in the week is always best. Cakes ship FedEx ground and typically arrive to most locations within 2 - 4 days.

How do I pay with a credit card at PayPal?

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with your card! Simply select "Credit card" as your payment method on the checkout page, and then click the "Review order" button. If everything is correct, click the "Submit order" button.

You will see a page similar to one of the two shown below. If you do not have (or do not want to use) a PayPal account, pay attention to the left side of the screen.

If you land on the first page and do not have a PayPal account, simply click on the "Continue" link, as highlighted above. That will take you to the second page, where you can enter your credit card information. (Many people will go straight to the second page without having to go through the first one.) Fill out your information and click on the "Review Order and Continue" button.

You may then see a screen similar to the one below. If so, just click on the "Continue" link, as highlighted. If not, just skip on down.

You will then have one last opportunity to review your information. If everything is correct, click the "Pay Now" button. You will then be on the final PayPal screen. Just click on the "Return to Two Belles Southern Pound Cakes" link, and you are done!

Are your pound cakes baked to order?

Yes. Every Two Belles pound cake is baked to order with homemade goodness. Because, I bake every cake myself, I always appreciate a day or two to complete your order, if possible.

I want to order a pound cake online. How do I create an account at Two Belles?

You do not need to create an account before placing an order. Instead, simply add the pound cakes you want to your cart and then proceed through checkout. Once you have checked out, we will automatically create a Two Belles account for you and email you the details. You can then use your Two Belles account to track your orders or zip through checkout more quickly on your next visit.

You say your pound cakes are large. How large is large? And what about the small?

Our large pound cakes provide generous servings for 16-20 people. The small cakes are still a good size and serve 8-10.

How long will my cake stay fresh?

Your cake will stay moist for up to a week. We recommend that you wrap the cake well or put it in an airtight container and store it at room temperature. For longer storage times, simply freeze your cake and thaw it at room temperature. We do not recommend refrigerating our cakes.