Spreading the Pound Cake Love In Afghanistan

Some of my favorite customers (and favorite people) are the members of our military. Dedication, honor, sacrifice, integrity, courage -- these are the men and women I hold up as role models for my children. So it’s not surprising that one of my favorite pound cake stories involves a very special military couple, both serving in Afghanistan, and enduring a long separation. First, the husband ordered a pound cake for his wife. She is from the south and was craving a little taste of home. She enjoyed the cake so much that he ordered another for her and one for himself. Who knew a pound cake could travel so far and still taste so good!? He emailed me that they planned a Skype date to eat their cakes together, the mere thought of which made me smile and tear up at the same time. In August, they will be reunited, God willing, and they plan to order another pound cake to celebrate -- I can hardly wait to bake it!