Amazing Pound Cake Tip: Top It!

One of the first words that comes to my mind when I think pound cake -- versatility! I mean you can serve it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. Pack it in a picnic, wrap a slice for the lunch box, use it as a hostess gift. It freezes beautifully, so it’s “on call” whenever you need it -- slice some now, freeze some for later.

And boy, can you have fun fixing it up! Spring and summer, when fruit is at its peak, top it with fresh berries -- raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries! And my personal favorite...peaches! After all, I am a Georgia girl!

Fresh whipped cream is always divine with or without the fruit. But what about spiking that whipped cream with a touch of Kahlua®. Or mix in a bit of cinnamon. Or try drizzling the whipped cream with a bit of chocolate or caramel.

And then there is ice cream. Of course I’m partial to homemade peach, but you can never go wrong with a good old vanilla or any other of the fresh fruit ice creams. Lemon and lime sorbet are light and wonderful in the summer.