Amazing Pound Cake Tip: Share It!

When I lived in Atlanta, a neighbor named Geraldine would sit on her porch with her old dog, Buttercup. More often than not, she would call down, “When you gonna bring me some of that pound cake?” referring to my mother’s recipe, “The Mama Louise”. She was old and lonely and nothing pleased her more than a slice of good old-fashioned southern pound cake. I baked a lot of pound cakes for Geraldine -- in fact, I credit her with helping me perfect Mom’s recipe. So you see, we really do get back more than we give!

Pound cake has a magical effect on folks. Nearly everyone has a “pound cake story” (I’ve heard some great ones from my customers!), and nearly every one of these stories tells of a happy time with a mother, aunt, grandmother or dear friend. How wonderful to be able to give a gift that evokes good memories and brings so much joy! (Of course, we all know where these good and perfect gifts really come from....).