About Us

Growing up in Georgia, I knew about pound cake long before I knew how to wield a spatula. My mother, Louise, always had a pound cake or two in the freezer... “just in case”. She carried those pound cakes to church pot lucks, ailing friends and new neighbors. My grandmother, Effie Mae, would serve pound cake and fresh Georgia peaches (picked from her own trees) after a colossal Sunday dinner — the kind where everyone secretly unbuttons their top button just to fit in one more bite. This was a pound cake so moist, Granddaddy bragged he could eat it without putting in his teeth!

In a world where women often work all day and hit the drive-thru at dinnertime, it seemed high time that a company honor a woman’s place in the home — yes, even the kitchen — as a source of comfort and true homemade goodness.

To that end, I gathered recipes, tested and tasted (and tasted some more!) to find pound cakes that captured the southern goodness of my childhood. And thanks to the inspiration of some great southern ladies (check out their stories when you order your cake), I think we succeeded!


Sharon Crow