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One of my favorite questions is, “What exactly is a “Southern” pound cake?” It gets me to thinking about my childhood in Georgia and how the people and food and good times were all blended together like, well, a good pound cake batter. When you get right down to it, pound cake just is southern -- easy-going, soul-satisfying, comforting, sweet and a blessing to the heart.

The idea for Two Belles began with my mother, Louise. Her classic and much beloved butternut pound cake (the “Mama Louise") was a staple at every celebration and church potluck I can remember. Today, her warmth and wisdom go into every cake I make, and my daughter, Rosemary, is now learning about the joys of turning out a really good southern pound cake! I thank God for Mama Louise and for all the women who have blessed us in countless ways. Hope you enjoy a taste of our heritage!



Some of my favorite customers (and favorite people) are the members of our military.

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Luscious pound cake after 15 months in freezer! Some friends sent me your coconut, rum and almond pound cake when my mother passed away 15 months ago. The funeral was not here, but back in my hometown. I froze it just as you suggested on the package. My intent was to eat it when family was around, but I forgot about it. Well, my family was in town this past weekend, and I pulled out your cake with a my fingers crossed. Guess what?! The pound cake was DEVINE!!! We ate every last morsel of it and everyone wanted to know who made it! So! A big testimonial to your delicious, MOIST pound cake after 15 months......Mmmmmmm! Thanks for the wonderful treat!

Anne F.

We received the cakes in perfect condition.  My daughter's teachers cannot stop talking about them.  And my parents said it was the best cake they have ever had!  Thanks again for getting those out so quickly!  I froze a few pieces to get me through the next few weeks, but can already tell I will need to make another order soon!

Carla G.

Just got a call from my cousin. He said it is “the best pound cake” he has ever had. He is 81 -- so lots of cake preceded yours. You now have another fan in FL.

Donna D.

Just wanted to send a note letting you know how delicious the Iva Mae pound cake is! I bought the cake for my dad as a surprise, and he can’t stop talking about it -- I also had a piece and am crazy about the flavor. The orange glaze is fantastic! you’ve won two new fans!

Melissa R.